Blogs and Diaries

For the uninitiated, a blog is an online web diary, in this case usually detailing someone's experiences of the virus and its treatment. They come in all shapes and sizes, and the links below point to just a few. The 'G' numbers by the names are the virus genotype. I originally had the idea of saying a few introductory words about each blogger, but the list has now got too big! So its just names and locations from now on! Sorry!

Active Blogs
Starwitch (G1)   US Lynzee   Lincolnshire, UK
JasonPaul (G1)   UK Marsha   USA,Midwest
Minerva (G3)   Scotland Elizabeth Anne (G1)   British Columbia
Evane   England

Retired and Occasional Bloggers
Ron Metcalfe (G1)   London Chris V (G1)   US
Chris (G4)   US Jason D (G1)   US
Michael (G1)   California Steve (G3)   Nottingham
Laurie (G3)   Wales Paul Wilcox (G1)   Shropshire
Uncertain (G2)   US Marie (G1)   East Anglia
Mica (G1)   Florida LewisMarc (G1)   Brighton
Ample (G1)   US Nick M (G1)   London
Alan (G2/3)   Glasgow Jonathan Colam (G3)   Norwich
Wendy Meister (G2)   London Peter F (G2)   Vermont
Steve   Norwich Sue (G3)   Toronto
Tink's (G1)   Isle of Man Jeremy (G3A)   London
Ijaz Ahmad   London Lu (G1)   UK
Jayne C (G1b)   London Keren ('Kegs')(G?)    St. Louis, USA
Pastor Buzz Trexler (G1)   USA Lilliana (G3)   Bolton
Miss Poppy (G1)   Manchester Filosofette (G?)   New Zealand
Nick Green (G1)   Derbyshire Hep C Boy (Hep B + C)   England

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