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Thanks for considering it! I promise that I will reply promptly! It is great to hear from others, and exchange of information and opinions takes us all forward in the fight against the virus. I very much enjoy the contact and appreciate the feedback as it helps me keep the site up to date.

Criticism is always welcome, and I'm the last person to claim that this site is perfect!
Any suggestions for improvement are welcome, likewise correction of errors. I hope that I can keep the site both accurate and up to date.

Please note that although I enjoy answering questions about Hepatitis C and have built up quite an extensive knowledge over the years I am not medically qualified, and the finer points of treatment should always be discussed with a doctor who specialises in the subject.

I treat all Emails received from this site as confidential unless you state otherwise.

May I beg a favour? If you send me an Email, could you please begin the Subject heading with the letters HCV. For instance 'HCV Site Feedback'. Like many others I have been plagued by spam Emails, and putting these letters in the subject box allows it past my spam-blocking software, and should get you a reply!

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