Links to 'Official' Sites

These are all links to 'official' sites, by which I mean that these are the ones that the establishment would prefer you to see, rather than the more off-beat ones like this one. Please note that the fact that they are 'official' does not guarantee that they are either accurate or up to date. I have refrained from including any overseas sites in this list (apart from drug manufacturers) to keep the size sensible.

The bible on UK Hep C Treatment
NICE - National Institute for Clinical Excellence Treatment Guidelines

Additional NICE Guidelines for 'Mild' cases

The bible according to the drug manufacturers
Roche - Pegasys/Copegus

Schering-Plough - PegIntron

Hepatitis C Trust - Probably the most reliable single-source of information on the net! Site is good, but a bit slow and cumbersome. Information is comprehensive and up to date. Support phone lines are good, and run by a brilliant team all of whom have, or have had Hep C. Bookmark this one!
Hepatitis C Trust

British Liver Trust - national charity dealing with all liver problems. Good section on Hep C - brief and clear.
British Liver Trust

Health Protection Agency - Well constructed and accurate site aimed at health professionals.
Health Protection Agency

Essential reading for anyone considering Herbal or Traditional Chinese Medicines.
Herbal Medicines Safety News

British Medical Association - the doctors own professional body, hopelessly out of date as usual. Has not been updated since 2003! Doctors, we have news for you! A lot has changed since then!
British Medical Association

British Society of Gastroenterologists - Professional site. Guidelines they offer for treatment of Hepatitis C have not been updated since 2003. I wonder why people are hesitant about being treated by gastroenterologists?
British Society of Gastroenterology

British Government Action Plan for Hep C (2004) - Pdf file requiring Adobe Acrobat. A complete joke. If only it was funny!
British Government 'Action' Plan

NHS Hepatitis site - Words fail me! What pillock designed this?!!! Site designer should be shot at dawn, preferrably slowly! Classic example of 'it looks pretty so it must be good'. I beg to differ. Requires a magnifying glass and a large screen to read half of the front page. It is that bad I can't be bothered to struggle with it. Almost certainly, neither will anyone else.
NHS Hepatitis Site

Mainliners Hep C Centre. Good site. Accurate and up to date.
HepCCentre Well, at least it does refer to Hep C nowadays, which is more that it did not long ago. However, the site links to loads of commercial sites of very dubious quality, and refers to HCV as being sexually transmitted (which it isn't!) If they can't get the basics right, you can't trust anything they say. One to avoid unless you want to see how not to do it! - not recommended

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