Site Notes

This site is written in pure HTML and contains no cookies or Java code whatsoever. It does not even have a hit counter, so I don't know that you or anyone else have read this! I apologise for the fact that it is not 'pretty' by today's standards but it does run very fast indeed as there is virtually no overhead. (Sigh of relief from dial-up connection users!). The other big bonus of pure HTML is that it runs without complications on just about any browser, and on any operating system and hardware.

The reason for all this is two-fold. The first is that I want to distance myself from other sites that are all spin and no substance. The second is that my Java skills are limited, and I don't like any of the site builder utilities that I have encountered so far. I have no confidence in the quality of code that they generate. Equally, I don't like the idea of stealing bits of code from other sites, although I have no problem with others doing so with this one - help yourselves!

For the technically minded, I use 1st Page 2000 as an editor. It is a free download, and incredibly powerful.

I can also highly recommend PlusNet who host this site. PlusNet broadband is fast and very competitive indeed, and the free site hosting and monitoring tops of an excellent service. They now include free spam blocking and virus checking as part of the package. Click the banner below to see.

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